Turning live, virtual events into high-quality on-demand content | A SOP Story

TL;DR? Pairing OBS Studio with Zoom can give you a lightweight way to both conduct a live, virtual event (like a training) and give you the recording you need to create high-quality, on-demand content for asynchronous viewers later on. It’s an even lighter lift if the event you’re holding involves content that doesn’t need to shift as much as it does with synchronous to asynchronous training.

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What the pour over can teach us about our software choices

I was recently introduced to someone by a mutual contact who suggested that we meet at the new contact’s office because of the quality of his pour over.

I admit that although I love coffee and drink it daily, the pour over jargon was new to me. Luckily, Google was able to rescue me from my ignorance, and I realized that I not only hadn’t been left behind by coffee aficionados and some awesome coffee brewing technology, but that this is in fact how I make my coffee all of the time.

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